10 Reasons to Sign Up for 2Chimps Weekly Newsletter-2

10 Reasons to Sign Up for the Free
2Chimps Weekly Stock Trading Newsletter

4. Precious advice on precious metals

Has the bust in precious metals got you in the dumps? In-depth seasonal analysis will alert you to the period of highest probability for a major market reversal.

About the Chimps

Elliott and Jake Bernstein, Chief Chimps at 2Chimps.net, have been trading for more than 5 decades combined. Jake is an internationally recognized futures analyst, trader, and author of more than 41 books. Elliott is a Mandarin-fluent trader and technology enthusiast with a strong background in technical analysis.

5. Educational articles on our proprietary technical trading methods

There’s no mystery to our methods. You’ll get the details of the Setup-Trigger-Followthrough methodology, the Profit Maximizing Strategy, Moving Average Channel methods, and more.

6. Timely commentary on real estate and the homebuilding sector

With interest rates already on the rise, major shifts are occurring in the real estate market. Put yourself in the best position for profit.