About the Chimps

2Chimps.net Mission statement

Welcome to 2chimps.net where real traders and real investors (Chief Chimps Elliott & Jake) give you true, honest, exceptionally well-researched, recommendations in stocks, ETFs, and special situation forex opportunities. We sit side-by-side virtually seven days a week studying, analyzing, evaluating, and researching trades and investment opportunities that always consider first and foremost risk and reward.

Our mission is to bring you opportunities that have the potential to make money while at the same time avoiding the kinds of risks that scare the daylights out of most investors and traders. Clearly, we won’t get all the moves. But, we believe that with the vast amount of combined experience under our belts and with the powerful technical tools we have at our disposal, we can get you on the right path to consistent investing and trading success.

About the Chimps

Chimps Jake and Elliott bring you decades of trading experience, a strong set of tools for technical and fundamental analysis, a truly global perspective, and a deep understanding of investor psychology. Best of all, we give you the tools to make the right trading decisions. 

Jake Bernstein

03caff4Jake is an internationally recognized futures analyst, trader and author. He has written more than 41 books, numerous research studies and newsletters on futures trading, stock trading, trader psychology & economic forecasting. Jake started trading in 1968 and has been publishing his Weekly Futures Trading Letter continuously since 1972. He has also appeared frequently on radio and television throughout the US and Canada on shows including Wall Street Week, CNBC, JagFN and WebTV. Jake has lectured extensively in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia on his pioneering technical, seasonal, and cyclical methodologies including Key-Date Seasonal Analysis, MA Channel Method, 30-Minute Breakout, MOM/MA, and Daily Sentiment Index.

Elliott Bernstein

2af2bd1Elliott has over 15 years of market experience, with a strong focus on emerging sectors, China and APAC region equities, and technical trading methods. With two books and dozens of articles on related topics, he specializes in clear and easy-to-read analyses of timely market questions. Elliott is a technology enthusiast and also acts as the webmaster and community manager for 2Chimps.net. He has traveled and lived abroad extensively, and with nearly a decade spent between Beijing and Shanghai, he is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. 希望大家经常来访问2Chimps!

2Chimps FAQ

Q: What makes you guys think you can give us good recommendations? Are you actually chimps?

A: Although we aren’t actually chimps, we are 100% independent market analysts. This means we’re free of any bias since we do not work for commissions, we are not associated with any brokerage firm, nor do we take a percentage of profits or management fees. Combined with extensive experience and world-class analytical tools developed by Chimp Jake over the course of 45 years, we are able to provide unbiased and clear, consistent recommendations based on completely objective methodologies.

Q: Why do you call yourselves chimps?

A: We believe in taking ourselves lightly without the obfuscation, pretense, and haughty attitudes so prevalent in the investment community these days. We believe that simplicity and directness is the most effective and parsimonious path to success. Chimps combine a disarming simplicity with a keen intellect, and simple but intelligent methods are what our work hinges on. That’s not to mention the average chimp is much stronger than the average adult male!

Q: Why pay for 2Chimps when I can get so much free stuff online?

A: Most if not all of what you will get for free on the Internet or otherwise is worth exactly what you pay for it. These recommendations are usually designed to promote stocks, or else they’re part of a pump and dump scheme designed to separate you from your money. You pay to get solid, intelligent, well-researched input. As the saying goes, “If you want good oats you can pay three dollars a bushel for them at the feed store but if you want oats that have already been through the horse you know where you can get them for free.” Stick with the Chimps: you’ll get good oats and tasty bananas.

Q: What is the basis of the research?

A: The basis of our research is primarily technical using the analytical and timing methods that have been developed by Chimp Jacob during his 45 years of market experience. Using his model, set-up/trigger/follow-through, we combine developing fundamental opportunities with solid technical indicators to bring you fully objective trading and investing opportunities.

Free Webinar: Our 6 Best Trading Methods

To assist you in understanding our work we have provided this free online webinar showing the basic timing indicators we use.


Q: Why not just trade and invest in your own ideas instead of offering this to the public?

A: We do. The basis of our own investing and trading is the information provided herein. We’re not theoretical, hypothetical, pretend participants in this business. What we teach is what we do. Please know that our foremost consideration is the maximization of profits and the minimization of risk. We will never suggest trades or investments to you unless we feel that risk levels are appropriate. So, in answer to the question above, we do both; we teach and we trade.

Q: Are you guys economists or financial analysts?

A: No. And were very happy about that.

Q: How can I best use your website?

A: Our various daily, weekly, and monthly reports should be visited at the appropriate intervals. Choose the trades that work for you; we always give you specific entry levels, risk levels, profit targets. Always consider the size of your account, the duration of the trade, and the volatility of the symbols in question.

Q: How much money can I make on your ideas?

A: That depends on you. We don’t manage your funds for you, we simply publish our point of view regarding the markets. You, in turn, make use of those ideas as best you can

Q: Can I get this information from my broker for free?

A: No. We believe that brokers have a conflict of interest in recommending stocks for you. More often than not, they are attempting to place stocks for other clients selling secondary distributions and/or IPOs which brings them income. In our view, only an independent entity free of participation, commissions, and other fees tied to the sale of equities can offer you truly unbiased opinions, recommendations, and research.

Q: Do you offer other services?

A: We offering educational services in the form of courses and online webinars, all of which are designed to help you become a better trader or investor. We also review writing on technical trading, computerized trading systems, and software as an ongoing feature.

Q: How can I mentor with a Chimp?

A: We provide one-on-one mentoring for traders and investors who would like to learn professional and fully objective methods. You will work one-on-one with Chimp Elliott or Chimp Jacob once to twice a week and you will learn 100% rule-based, objective trading strategies. Sessions are conducted by Skype, or if you are in our area, we can arrange meetings. Chimp Jacob has personally mentored hundreds of traders, helping them achieve their goals. If you’d like more information on the two chimps mentoring program please contact us.

Here is just a partial list of available features at 2chimps.net:

  • Daily Trading Recommendation for short term traders
  • Weekly Technical Chart and recommendation
  • 2Chimps Weekly Market Report which includes specifics buy / sell / hold recommendations
  • Technical Analysis Articles and recommendations
  • Emerging Sectors Articles and investment recommendations
  • Metals: long term and intermediate term outlook and recommendations
  • Real Estate forecast and related stocks and ETFs
  • Technical Analysis Educational Resources
  • Live & Recorded Webinars
  • Trading System Reviews
  • Interviews with Notable Traders

And much more…

Write us if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Chimps Elliott and Jake