2Chimps Metals section tracks weekly copper, gold, platinum, and palladium trends. Our analysis utilizes our proprietary methods including Commitment of Traders data, seasonal trends, and Moving Average Channel timing.

This members-only page gives specific entry, profit, and stop-loss price recommendations. Below, members have access to a table tracking each recommendation.

Metals & Energy: Momentum Divergence Methods

Use Momentum Divergence to time entry into precious metals. GDXJ, for example, shows a new low in price without a new low in momentum. This gives us our divergence trigger point.

Likewise, check COP in the energy sector. The symbol is about to trigger a buy. Use these trigger points for bullish entry in these two markets.

Precious Metals Waiting Game

Several weeks ago, we mentioned the short-term buy trigger on gold. We are still long gold based on this recommendation. We are also looking at possible bullish divergence in silver.

As for all other precious metals, both long and short-term, continue to wait for the necessary buy triggers.