Monkey House: 2Chimps on Real Estate

Monkey House tracks trends in US Real Estate and related stocks. Our analysis utilizes our proprietary Moving Average Channel breakout and swing trade methods on a weekly timeframe.

This members-only page gives specific entry, profit, and stop-loss price recommendations. Below, members have access to a table tracking each recommendation.

Wait for Long-Term Buy Triggers in Housing

The XHB is currently below monthly support. On the daily and weekly charts, the trend is down. However, this is a market for long-term investors.

Use bullish momentum divergence triggers for entry points. Await buy triggers. We believe significant opportunities for buying will soon be presenting themselves.

Chimpcast: Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

The S&P downtrend remains in effect, with prices currently approaching resistance. As an investor, continue to look at the monthly chart, where bargains abound.

Market sentiment remains extremely low, and we continue to advise against catching the falling knife, as explosive moves up are likely when the turnaround comes.