Chimpcast: Changes Coming to 2Chimps!

As we approach one year since the relaunch of, we continue to refine and revise our offerings. For this reason, we have settled on a series of changes to the organization of our site that we believe will serve you even better in the new year.

With these new changes, you will now find ALL active trades reviewed and revised daily in our Daily Banana section. You’ll still see all of our trading methods utilized, including High-Odd Seasonals, MAC Breakout and Continuation, Inside Bar, CMC, and more, and they’ll all be in one convenient location on our site. Plus, each Daily Banana update will include a daily video Market Commentary brought to you by Chimp Jake.

We’ll still be covering many of our favorite topics, from metals, to energy, to housing and emerging sectors. Check these out in the Weekly Chimpcast, as well as in Jake’s daily commentary. Not to mention the nearly 600 reports we published over the past year. These aren’t going anywhere; the new “Archives” section in our Reports menu will continue to contain all of this valuable information.

There are more changes to come as well. Watch your email over the coming week for an announcement from Jake and me about all of our plans. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s Chimpcast!

Best of Trading,

Chimp Elliott

Wait for Long-Term Buy Triggers in Housing

The XHB is currently below monthly support. On the daily and weekly charts, the trend is down. However, this is a market for long-term investors.

Use bullish momentum divergence triggers for entry points. Await buy triggers. We believe significant opportunities for buying will soon be presenting themselves.