Reviews: Larry Williams & John J. Murphy

Contrary to prevailing thought, we at do not spend our time lounging on the bottom of our cages, eating bananas, drinking coconut milk and heckling each other. We know how to read, we know how to write, and we know what separates valuable market information from worthless nonsense.

There are those in this business who revel in the worthless and enjoy obfuscation as a means of selling their reports and research. We enjoy keeping things simple given that simplicity is compatible with clarity and clarity is compatible with consistency and success. Accordingly, from time to time we will feature write-ups and reviews of some products and/or books which we feel are valuable to the trader in promoting the clarity we seek to convey.

The reviews below are two books I myself have found very useful in the development of my personal trading and my trading strategies. They aren’t new, but they’re time-tested classics. That said, they’re also not always easy to find, so I highly recommend getting a copy for your personal collection if possible.

How I Made One Million Dollars ... Last Year ... Trading CommoditiesHow I Made One Million Dollars … Last Year … Trading Commodities

I have known Larry Williams for at least 3 ½ decades. Done business with Larry and I presented seminars within a number of different countries. I have great respect for Larry’s ability to discover innovative patterns and systems in futures markets and to apply them with discipline.

In his classic book, Larry discusses the methodologies used to amass a fortune in the futures markets. This has always been one of my favorite reads, and I proudly enjoy a personally autographed copy from Larry.

I turn to this wonderful book several times a year in order to reacquaint myself with the methods and their use. While much of the material is now known to many traders the world over thanks to Larry’s having popularized them, the personal style and laid-back manner of presentation in this book makes it one of my favorites.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 1.28.32 PMTechnical Analysis of the Financial Markets: A Comprehensive Guide to Trading Methods and Applications (New York Institute of Finance)

If you have an interest in technical analysis, then this is the best book for you. John Murphy is a seasoned veteran and technical analyst and presents the concepts clearly and concisely.

Whether you are new to technical analysis or an experienced trader, this book will not only serve as an outstanding review but will also be an excellent reference source for reacquainting yourself with technical methods you are considering for your trading.


If you have suggestions for reviews and/or interviews let us know and we will attempt to make them part of our reports. Here are a few books that we have found valuable over the years. Hopefully they will mean as much to you as they have to us.