GW Pharma: A Cuban Missile Crisis Week

The bull trend in GWPH that began in February of this year may be coming to a close. While our active trade in the symbol continues, we saw one full bar below the bottom of the MAC this week. One more will suggest a reversal in the weekly trend. Remember, however, that according to our Cuban Missile Crisis methodology, this single bar below is an opportunity. The “worst case scenario” for those not in the current trade would be a sell signal on 10/16 and any loss associated with that.

A number of our Emerging Sectors plays are once again testing resistance, with SWIR, SSYS, and LNKD all near or above the top of the MAC. As always, we will continue to track these symbols for the beginnings of any new bull trends that may appear over the coming weeks.lnkd top of channel swir top of channel gwph trend reversal