In Position for Seasonal Strength

As we turn the corner from negativity to seasonal strength, we will be positioning ourselves for buys in a number of emerging sectors. As such, we continue to watch Tesla and GW Pharma for returns to their MAC highs. We have already initiated a new trade in Ambarella, which may have a head start on the market trend due to the recent momentum behind GoPro and the continued public fasciation with drone technologies.

Although the weekly trend has been slow in changing for social media plays, as a broader look at sector shows with a look at SOCL, we do expect a turnaround for LinkedIn by mid-fall. The same timeline applies to Internet of Things play Sierra Wireless.

3D printing plays continue to search for lows, and do not show any early signs of a turnaround. Likewise, it has been a difficult few moths for solar manufacturers, although some lower-priced players like JASO are showing signs of life.

amba bought 8-16-15

tsla mach 8-16-15 gwph mach 8-16-15