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Elliott & Jake Bernstein Present

The 2Chimps Trading School:
Learn It… Trade It!

Every Sunday


Jul. 19, 26, Aug. 2, 9

1:00 – 2:00 PM PDT

Learn This Week’s Trading Strategy: Inside Bar

Dear Trader:

In response to many requests we are pleased to announce the first ever 2chimps.com webinar trading school designed to teach you 100% objective trading methodologies and to show you how they work.

There is no better way to learn!

We pride ourselves on the use of 100% objective strategies that are not open to interpretation. To put it simply, we want to teach you our methods, and we want to show you that anyone can understand and use them because they are purely and strictly rule-based. All traders looking at our rules independently of one another will reach the same conclusion if they have followed the rules. This is a strong statement to make, but most trading methods being used out there today cannot make the same claims because they are subjective.

How It Will Work



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Session 1: We will teach you Short-Term Trading Strategy #1. We have developed and extensively backtested this proprietary method, and you can learn it nowhere else. We will select 10 stocks and follow them through all four sessions.

Session 2: How did it go? We will look at all 10 stocks we selected. We will determine if there were the necessary setups and triggers, and we will see how they turned out. Will show you trigger points, profit targets, and exit strategies, including profit maximization.

Session 3: We will show you Short-Term Trading Strategy #2. Again, we have developed and extensively backtested this proprietary method, and you can learn it nowhere else. We will teach you all the rules, exact entry points, exact exit points, stop losses, profit targets one and two, and profit maximizing strategies

Session 4: How did it turn out? We will show you how this method turned out in the stocks that we selected in session 3. We will show you trigger points, buy points, and sell points, profit target, trailing stop loss, and profit maximizing strategy. We also summarize everything we’ve learned in these four sessions.

About the Chimps

Chimps Jake and Elliott bring you decades of trading experience, a strong set of tools for technical and fundamental analysis, a truly global perspective, and a deep understanding of investor psychology. Best of all, we give you the tools to make the right trading decisions. Join us today, and start exploring the investment jungle the 2Chimps way!

Jake Bernstein

03caff4Jake is an internationally recognized futures analyst, trader and author. He has written more than 41 books, and numerous newsletters and forecasts. Jake has published his Weekly Futures Trading Letter continuously since 1972. He has also appeared frequently on radio and television, including Wall Street Week, CNBC, JagFN and WebTV. Jake has lectured extensively in the US and abroad, pioneering technical, seasonal, and cyclical methodologies including Key-Date Seasonal Analysis, MA Channel Method, 30-Minute Breakout, MOM/MA, and Daily Sentiment Index.

Elliott Bernstein

2af2bd1Elliott has over 15 years of experience in stocks, forex, ETFs, and options, with a strong focus on emerging sectors, China and APAC region equities, and technical trading methods. With two books and dozens of articles on related topics, he specializes in clear and easy-to-read analyses of timely market questions. Elliott is a technology enthusiast and also acts as the webmaster and community manager for 2Chimps.net. With nearly a decade spent between Beijing and Shanghai, he is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. 希望大家经常来访问2Chimps!

We Urge You to Attend

We believe this 4-session webinar series will be very beneficial to all traders new as well as experienced. Our strategies are clear, practical, simple to apply, and purely objective. They do not require any interpretation, any analysis, any deliberation, or any “secret sauce”. This is your opportunity to learn some of our BEST strategies!

Jake & Elliott Bernstein

Questions? Email us: elliott@2chimps.net or call 800-678-5253

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