New Year, New Trading Methods: 30% Off All Webinars

Don’t just hope to be a better trader in 2016, study the 2Chimps trading methods and put them to use! For one week, we are offering 30% off all of our on-demand webinars, including the following:



Our webinar trading school consists of four sessions during and teach two 100% rule-based and completely objective trading strategies. In session number one, we teach you the first trading methodology showing all rules, entries and exits, order types, profit targets, stop loss, and track records. In session number two, we show you the application of the first methodology in a select group of stocks we pick before the fact, then track subsequent to triggers.



Most traders are their own worst enemies. Give them a high-accuracy, high-profitability trading system and they STILL manage to lose money. Why? Because they repeatedly make the same basic mistakes, and they can’t even recognize these mistakes.

You’re a trader. Don’t be your own worst enemy. Take a second look at your best and worst habits with the new 2Chimps Trading School webinar, The 21 Worst Trading Mistakes & The Best Habits to Avoid Them.



  • Cyclical patterns in energies
  • Our 12 top seasonal trades for stocks in 2016, one for every month!
  • Can money be made in the yield curve spread in 2016
  • An overview of the currency situation

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