2Chimps Trading School: Learn It… Trade It (4 Sessions)


This product includes 8 digital downloads:

  • 4x 90 Minute Webinar Video MP4s
  • 4x PDF document containing all presentation slides



Product Description

Elliott & Jake Bernstein Present

The 2Chimps Trading School:
Learn It… Trade It!

Our webinar trading school consists of four sessions during and teach two 100% rule-based and completely objective trading strategies. In session number one, we teach you the first trading methodology showing all rules, entries and exits, order types, profit targets, stop loss, and track records. In session number two, we show you the application of the first methodology in a select group of stocks we pick before the fact, then track subsequent to triggers. In other words, you get to see everything for the trade from inception to selection to completion (or current status).

In session number three, we teach you the second methodology. Again, we show you all the rules, entries, exits, stop losses, profit targets, order types, follow-through, profit maximizing strategies, and more. Again, we select a specific group of stocks for triggers, then we will follow through those triggers in the next session from start to current status.

There is no better way to learn!

We pride ourselves on the use of 100% objective strategies that are not open to interpretation. To put it simply, we want to teach you our methods, and we want to show you that anyone can understand and use them because they are purely and strictly rule-based. All traders looking at our rules independently of one another will reach the same conclusion if they have followed the rules. This is a strong statement to make, but most trading methods being used out there today cannot make the same claims because they are subjective.

Strategies for Profit

Session 1: We teach you the Inside Bar strategy that we’ve developed and tested. You’ll learn how to spot inside bars, how to trade them, exactly where to put your buy and sell triggers, how to enter the trades, stops, profit target one, profit target two, and profit maximizing strategy. We select 10 stocks and follow them through all four sessions.

Session 2: How did it go? We look at all 10 stocks we selected. We determine if there were inside bar setups and triggers, and we see how they turned out. We show you trigger points, profit targets, and exit strategies, including profit maximization.

Session 3: We show you the 3 x 3 swing trade method for short-term trading. We teach you all the rules, exact entry points, exact exit points, stop losses, profit targets one and two, and profit maximizing strategies

Session 4: How did it turn out? We show you how the 3 x 3 method turned out in the stocks that we selected in session 3. We show you trigger points, buy points, and sell points, profit target, trailing stop loss, and profit maximizing strategy. We also summarize everything we’ve learned in these four sessions.

Affordable & Practical

Our 4 one-hour session webinar series has been priced to be completely affordable to all traders, even to those just getting started. Simply learning rule-based procedures is very likely to improve your results whether you are a veteran trader or a newcomer to the trading game. With our combined experience of over 60 years in the markets, we believe we can give you the edge in methods, procedures, follow-through, and profit maximizing strategies.