5 Ways to Use Trading Volume to Your Advantage


This product includes 2 digital downloads:

  • 90 Minute Webinar Video MP4s
  • PDF document containing all presentation slides



Product Description

Trading volume for stocks and futures can be a very helpful tool when used as a leading indicator of tops and bottoms. Many traders are unfamiliar with how to use trading volume as an indicator either in conjunction with their own work or a stand-alone tool. We have elaborated on the most masterful volume methods with concepts such as momentum divergence to turn volume from an interesting tidbit into a powerful trading tool.

Use Our Methods to Make Volume an Essential Tool

The pioneering work of Joe Granville in his On Balance Volume Method (OBV) allowed him to make a vast fortune as an investor in American Motors stock. We will show you our up-to-date version of On Balance Volume as well as the other significant volume-related tools listed below.

In our 90-minute webinar, we teach you how to use:

  • On Balance Volume: Learn our method for using OBV as a trigger tool
  • Volume Spikes: how to spot meaningful volume spikes as they predict breakout moves up and down
  • Expanding & Contracting Volume: Understand the relationship between increasing volume on price rallies and declines and decreasing volume before major turning points
  • Volume Divergence: Watch us use OBV/price divergence indicator as an indicator of market turning points
  • Tick Volume: How to use tick volume to fine tune entry and exits for short-term trading.