The 21 Worst Trading Mistakes


This product includes 2 digital downloads:

  • 90 Minute Webinar Video MP4s
  • PDF document containing all presentation slides



Product Description

Most traders are their own worst enemies. Give them a high-accuracy, high-profitability trading system and they STILL manage to lose money. Why? Because they repeatedly make the same basic mistakes, and they can’t even recognize these mistakes.

You’re a trader. Don’t be your own worst enemy. Take a second look at your best and worst habits with the new 2Chimps Trading School webinar, The 21 Worst Trading Mistakes & The Best Habits to Avoid Them.

Can your moods and your personality cause you to lose?

Yes! We’ll teach you to control your emotions:

  • Identify emotionally motivated trading
  • Avoid situations that degrade confidence
  • Encourage behaviors that build confidence and lead to success

Can outside influences cause you to lose?

Yes! We’ll teach you how to filter the outside noise:

  • Recognize positive and negative influences of the internet
  • Avoid the influence of coworkers, friends, and family
  • Filter the information and opinions expressed on the news

Can lack of discipline cause you to lose?

Yes! We’ll teach you how to stick to a system:

  • Find systems based on objective and rules-based criteria
  • Implement the rules of these systems in your own trading
  • Manage your risk while maximizing your profits

Can common ways of talking about trading cause you to lose?

Yes! We’ll teach you the right way to talk about trading:

  • Actively listen for the “5 dirty words” traders must never use
  • Change your thoughts and words to encourage discipline
  • Identify and prevent thoughts that leads to break the rules

This is not just any ordinary trading psychology or trading discipline webinar. We pull no punches and give you exact definitions of problems, how to recognize them, how to change them and how to avoid them before they start. And best of all, it costs less than the $200/hour you’ll pay a shrink to talk about your problems.

Remember, we are real traders just like you, and we have lived the real issues. We’ve developed pragmatic workable solutions to all of these issues. So join us and learn some amazing tools to help you be even more successful as a trader or investor.