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1. Clear and objective analysis of stock market trends each week

Our Weekly Chimpcast puts market moves in perspective. Analysis of intermediate-term and secular trends help you make sure you’re on the right side of the market.

2. An incisive look into emerging technology players

Do you dream of alternative energy, 3D printing, the Internet of Things, or consumer drones? We’ve found the most promising players. Proprietary technical tools tell you where they’re going.

3. Discounts on our exclusive trading webinars and sector reports

2Chimps Trading School, market forecast webinars, and quarterly reports on a variety of sectors… you’ll get special discounts only available to our subscribers.

4. Precious advice on precious metals

Has the bust in precious metals got you in the dumps? In-depth seasonal analysis will alert you to the period of highest probability for a major market reversal.

About the Chimps

Elliott and Jake Bernstein, Chief Chimps at, have been trading for more than 5 decades combined. Jake is an internationally recognized futures analyst, trader, and author of more than 41 books. Elliott is a Mandarin-fluent trader and technology enthusiast with a strong background in technical analysis.

5. Educational articles on our proprietary technical trading methods

There’s no mystery to our methods. You’ll get the details of the Setup-Trigger-Followthrough methodology, the Profit Maximizing Strategy, Moving Average Channel methods, and more.

6. Timely commentary on real estate and the homebuilding sector

With interest rates already on the rise, major shifts are occurring in the real estate market. Put yourself in the best position for profit.

7. More than 50 years of trading experience combined

Chief Chimps Jake and Elliott have been trading for more than 5 decades combined, and we put our expertise to use for you.

8. Reviews of the greatest books on trading and investing

If you’re searching for more, we know where you should look. We review the classics of technical analysis as well as cutting-edge research on the changing nature of trading.

9. An independent look at the market

When we make trading recommendations, it’s for one reason: so you can make money. We don’t earn commissions and we don’t collect money management fees. Our recommendations are completely independent.

10. 100% objective technical methods with decades of backtesting

No “looks like”, no “seems like”, no interpretation. The methods we employ are based on math and logic, and are always extensively tested with real market data.


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2Chimps Trading School Webinars Presents

The 21 Worst Trading Mistakes &

The Best Habits to Avoid Them

Wednesday Aug. 19, 3:00 – 4:30 PM PDT (12:00 – 1:30 PM EDT) 
one live session only (webinar recording available)

Most traders are their own worst enemies. Give them a high-accuracy, high-profitability trading system and they STILL manage to lose money. Why? Because they repeatedly make the same basic mistakes, and they can’t even recognize these mistakes.

You’re a trader. Don’t be your own worst enemy. Take a second look at your best and worst habits with the new 2Chimps Trading School webinar, The 21 Worst Trading Mistakes & The Best Habits to Avoid Them.

Can your moods and your personality cause you to lose?

Yes! We’ll teach you to control your emotions:

  • Identify emotionally motivated trading
  • Avoid situations that degrade confidence
  • Encourage behaviors that build confidence and lead to success

Can outside influences cause you to lose?

Yes! We’ll teach you how to filter the outside noise:

  • Recognize positive and negative influences of the internet
  • Avoid the influence of coworkers, friends, and family
  • Filter the information and opinions expressed on the news

Can lack of discipline cause you to lose?

Yes! We’ll teach you how to stick to a system:

  • Find systems based on objective and rules-based criteria
  • Implement the rules of these systems in your own trading
  • Manage your risk while maximizing your profits

Can common ways of talking about trading cause you to lose?

Yes! We’ll teach you the right way to talk about trading:

  • Actively listen for the “5 dirty words” traders must never use
  • Change your thoughts and words to encourage discipline
  • Identify and prevent thoughts that leads to break the rules

This will not be any ordinary trading psychology or trading discipline webinar. We will pull no punches and give you exact definitions of problems, how to recognize them, how to change them and how to avoid them before they start. And best of all, it costs less than the $200/hour you’ll pay a shrink to talk about your problems.

Remember, we are real traders just like you, and we have lived the real issues. We’ve developed pragmatic workable solutions to all of these issues. So join us and learn some amazing tools to help you be even more successful as a trader or investor.

General Registration: $89


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