Social Breakout & Solar Starts to Shine

This week, we witnessed a new breakout for LNKD. It was not a surprise, considering the massive leap the previous week, and the positive move from this week was enough to push the symbol into a new weekly bull trend. We have favored LNKD among social media stocks for several years, and we maintain this position for the foreseeable future.

Many solar shares have fallen by 50% or more since the spring. As has been the case for many years in solar, we expect volatility to continue, however, a number of shares are now experiencing notable turnarounds. On the more volatile and speculative side are the Chinese solar plays such as JASO and TSL. We will track this trend through Canadian solar producer CSIQ. While the move may not be quite as extreme, certainly the volatility that this play has shown over recent months has been more than enough to set it up for huge gains going forward.

Notable among solar shares for not showing signs of a turnaround is Elon Musk’s Solar City. It seems that the fortunes of this company are more tied to the Musk empire and Tesla than anything else. For the time being, at least, they are not rising with the solar tide.