What is 2Chimps?

filled-logo2Chimps is stock trading quantified. No guesswork, no interpretation, just the numbers.
Welcome to the last market report you may ever need.

Verified through objective mathematical criteria, all 2Chimps recommendations are based on complete technical trading systems that you can learn and program into your own trading platform.

Why Read 2Chimps?


A sample of our newsletter

It’s every trader’s goal to stay on the right side of the market, and 2Chimps weekly market reports make sure that’s where you are. Chief Chimps Jake and Elliott Bernstein use statistically-verified market methods to alert you to crucial trends. The free 2Chimps Weekly Stock Trading Newsletter covers:

  • Secular and intermediate-term trends in the stock market
  • Seasonal trends, cycles, and related commercial activity
  • Important technical signals across stocks and ETFs
  • Insights into precious metals and copper
  • Moves in real estate and homebuilding

Monkey See, Monkey Do: Learn Our Methods & Find Our Trades

The Chimps don’t keep these methods a secret. Within the Weekly Stock Trading Newsletter and 2Chimps Education are all the details of every method used to make 2Chimps recommendations.

These methods can be applied on Thinkorswim, TradeStation, Trade Navigator, or just about any other modern trading platform. In fact, many subscribers find the same trades this way before the Chimps even publish them. That’s just how consistent and objective these methods are.

Step-by-Step Trade Recommendations

You would’t drive a car without breaks, just like you shouldn’t trade without clear limits and goals. The 2Chimps methodology makes sure risk is defined and rewards are maximized.

The 2Chimps subscription service walks users through every step of every trade. For each specific trade recommended, we  always publish:

  • A specific entry price target
  • A clearly defined risk management method
  • A profit maximizing strategy

We don’t leave you scratching your head about our trades either. Our email addresses are public, and we always welcome questions and requests for clarification on any of our trades.

Get to Know the Chimps

Elliott and Jake Bernstein have more than 50 years of trading experience combined, with dozens of books and articles on trading, technical analysis, and investor psychology to their names. As the Chief Chimps at 2Chimps, they apply this knowledge and expertise to the world of stocks and ETFs every trading day. Read more…